? PK 08/78

Pete Namlook - Namlook
Released on: 1993-07-03
Limitation: 500
Length (mm:ss.frames): 69:10.10
(excluding pre-gap)

#start len artist title
 100:00.0010:00.00Pete NamlookAstrogator, Part I
 210:00.0010:00.00Pete NamlookAstrogator, Part II
 320:00.0010:00.00Pete NamlookAstrogator, Part III
 430:00.0010:00.00Pete NamlookAstrogator, Part IV
 540:00.0010:00.00Pete NamlookAstrogator, Part V
 650:00.0010:00.00Pete NamlookAstrogator, Part VI
 760:00.0009:10.10Pete NamlookAstrogator, Part VII
PK 08/78
I waited a long time to get hold of this one. Having heard two reports, one
favourable (read Namlook innovates) and one otherwise (read Namlook sends you to
sleep) I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Major disappointment I'm afraid. Even
if it was innovative in 93, which I doubt, it certainly doesn't sound it today.

On first hearing I convinced myself it would be a grower, as we all do with
the more "experimental" releases but, further visits failed to ignite any
enthusiasm. Like several of the other Namlooks, I'm sure this one was okay if
you were there on the night but, it probably doesn't belong on disc for
posterity. Very repetitive, no melody to speak of, some occasional beats, some
general knob twiddling and you're left with a strong suspicion that he just
wasn't fired up. Tried to think of something a bit more positive to say ... it's
better than Namlook 3, how's that?

Don't shelve out serious lucre for this one. You're better off checking out
the fabulous mood on N4, the cool sub-harmonics on N7, the multi-faceted N11 or,
of course N12 - the last great one!

— Paul Milligan (from 2350.org) @ Tue, 24 Apr 2007 16:30:57 -0400
If all you ever hear from this disc is the track on the Cookbook, you would not
be doing yourself a disservice. What I like about this disc is it's very airy

Part 1: The disc starts off with lots of nice airy droning space sounds
(hereon referred to as "air") which leads into some rhythmic brushy sounds (Part
2) and what sounds like it could be a TB303 bassline but it's real deep and low,
more air accompanies the rhythm. Part 3, the bass and rhythm cuts out and
there's more air and maybe some bugs. Then the rhythm and bass parts return
toward the end of the part. Then the air returns. Part 4, we start getting
something that sounds like a synth tune for about 6 minutes, similar to the
DSOTM type stuff but it's way too short. Then back to the bass & rhythm and air.
Part 5, just air with some whooshing sounds and lots of space and isolated
sounds. Part 6, back to the bassline thing with the typical namlook synth
tweaking, then more air. Part 7 is really indistinguishable from part 6. The
disc closes out with the air that started it.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Once again, not bad. This is one I get into every now and
again but not something on regular rotation, not nearly as bad as Namlook 3.

— Steve Luckabaugh (from 2350.org) @ Tue, 24 Apr 2007 16:30:57 -0400
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