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Pete Namlook - Namlook XX - Music for Urban Meditation II [cd+dts] ✓
Released on: 2007-04-16
Limitation: 500
Length (mm:ss.frames): 79:13.03; 79:10.44
(excluding pre-gap)

#start len artist title
Disc 1 - Music for Urban Meditation II - DTS 5.1 Music Disc (79:13.03)
 100:00.0031:56.37Pete NamlookCassella
 1.1 14:05Pete Namlook - Cassella 1
 1.2 09:01Pete Namlook - Cassella 2
 1.3 08:05Pete Namlook - Cassella 3
 231:56.3722:43.42Pete NamlookOrange Ring / Blue Tube
 2.1 17:07Pete Namlook - Orange Ring
 2.2 05:34Pete Namlook - Blue Tube
 354:40.0424:32.74Pete NamlookWind of Steel / Gravel Rain / Air Current
 3.1 08:03Pete Namlook - Wind of Steel
 3.2 09:15Pete Namlook - Gravel Rain
 3.3 07:11Pete Namlook - Air Current
Disc 2 - Music for Urban Meditation II - Stereo CD (79:10.44)
 100:00.0014:05.03Pete NamlookCassella 1
 214:05.0309:01.20Pete NamlookCassella 2
 323:06.2308:50.69Pete NamlookCassella 3
 431:57.1717:07.38Pete NamlookOrange Ring
 549:04.5505:34.52Pete NamlookBlue Tube
 654:39.3208:03.66Pete NamlookWind of Steel
 762:43.2309:15.22Pete NamlookGravel Rain
 871:58.4507:11.74Pete NamlookAir Current
We live in municipal districts, conjunctions of human energy and industrial processes. Our mind is constantly provoked by mechanical and technically produced sounds, smells and visual impacts. We long for a place of peace and contemplation.
'Music for Urban Meditation II' guides us to our inner center. Urban sound patterns detached of known coherences, lead us back to our origin in a miraculous way.

Technical and industrial striking sounds are fitted into the over all and universal order of wisdom. Former strangeness is dissolved and a new consciousness is given motive.

Textures of sound are woven gently with each other, organic sound carpets arise, which wrap us up and give us shelter in this harsh and sharp-edged reality of our urban existence.

With 'Music for Urban Meditation II' industry is transformed into nature and technique to our self. The album invites you to let yourself go into an up-to-date meditation which complies to our modern culture.

The reason for the combination of tracks on the DTS disc is that DTS can't be gapless between tracks -- at least, not without doing a fair bit more work (involving CUE files etc). Thus the tracks that are supposed to be gapless have been condensed into long tracks of which there are three.
DB ID: 172