? PS 08/101

Krystian Shek - Eisblumen ✓
Released on: 2003-10-13
Limitation: 1000
Length (mm:ss.frames): 63:29.05
(excluding pre-gap)

#start len artist title
 100:00.0002:34.32Krystian Shek2012
 202:34.3206:39.69Krystian ShekEisblumen
 309:14.2605:32.07Krystian ShekTannenwald
 414:46.3304:55.07Krystian ShekAbendrot
 519:41.4007:54.08Krystian ShekNovember
 627:35.4806:51.70Krystian ShekWake up with the Rain
 734:27.4306:42.07Krystian ShekThe Girl from Uzbekistan
 841:09.5005:40.46Krystian ShekNuclear Island
 946:50.2105:56.07Krystian ShekNight vs. Day
1052:46.2804:25.64Krystian ShekHermitage
1157:12.1706:16.63Krystian SheksnowGUM
PS 08/101 Front and Back of insert (AB)
PS 08/101 Inside Right and Left of insert (CD)
PS 08/101 Case Back insert
PS 08/101 Disc
DB ID: 339